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Dear readers;

     You have probably been wondering…..What happened to Muley’s Cafe?. Well, it’s still here, but I’ve been very busy lately with some issues of late and just haven’t the time to post anything new.

I started this blog to stay away from all things political, but have come to the conclusion that having an entertainment blog does not generate the conversation that usually accompanies those other blogs and forums. As Mr. Jeff Hess at Have Coffee Will Write says so frequently, “it’s all about the conversation”. I love the conversation, getting peoples ideas, thoughts and such.

So, here we are today trying to figure out, “what is Muley up to?”   Well, I’ll tell ya’s, I’m going to do some changes here at Muley’s Cafe. Not exactly sure, but just the same, changes are on the way. It may take a couple of weeks to do this, for I am a very busy man of late, but changes are coming.

In the mean time, for your listening pleasure, I give you:

King Crimson



  Had this passed on to me the other day and wanted to bring it to your attention. (ht to

Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

  In accordance with federal guidelines, the RTA Board of Trustees developed the Arts in Transit program in 1991. The first committee members were appointed later that year. By board policy, 1% of the projects constuction cost must be set aside for public art.

  Since 1991, more than 20 works of art have been placed on permanent display in various media at: 

  Rail Stations

  Transit Centers

  Walkway to Gateway

  The Arts In Transit Committee, chaired by Marybeth Feke, includes representatives from:



  Private Businesses

  Universities/Community Colleges

  Non-Profit Organizations

  Theatre Groups and Organizations

  This is a great opportunity for any local artist that wants some recognition. For contract information, look here

  To view some of the artwork already placed in other rail stations, look here


....the Grande Dame.......

  In celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Palace Theatre, there will be a free concert tonite featuring the music of David Syme, a classically trained pianist. David is considered one of the best pianist in the world who has played in many competitions world wide with full orchestra and sometimes with his own band. David has played to thousands of people at such places as Kennedy Center and Lincoln Center, as well as many major European, Canadian and Mexican concert halls.

So, if you haven’t any plans for tonite, stop downtown, take in a dinner at one of our local restaurants, and catch David as he performs some very nice music.

 The show will be starting at 8:00 p.m. If you would like to pick-up ticket’s before the show, the Palace Theatre box office is open today from 10:00 a.m. untill 4:00 p.m.



......way smooth.......

 I want to thank all of you for visiting my very first blog. A new adventure for me, for sure and I’m real excited about getting it going. Some of you may know me from Thewomblog and others are being introduced to me for the first time.  I appreciate you sharing your time and thoughts. So let’s get started.

......the man, and his horn......

  Back about 1992 or so, I visited Denver, Colo. to visit some friends from Lorain who relocated to “the front range”. One of the scenes we took in during my visit to downtown Denver was the annual “Taste of Colorado” where we enjoyed some really, really good food, and lot’s of it. Labor Day week-end in Colorado is really a beautiful site to behold as you can see here and here. Towards the end of a long day of walking, talking and eating, we were treated to a free jazz concert. Loving jazz like I do, and seeing a free gig, I was really happy to sit down for an hour or two of some decent music.

 Well, the artist performing that night, Richard Elliot was someone I wasn’t familiar with at all. Well, needless to say, I was impressed with this little guy with the big horn. Richard made a name for himself as a member of the “Tower of Power” horn section. Richard also did stints as a youngster with Smokey Robinson, the Temptations and Melisa Manchester. And in recent years has toured with a group of musicians in what has been billed Jazz Attack.

 Now, since that memoriable visit to Denver, I have seen Richard at several local venues, including Playhouse Square and Tangiers Cabaret in Akron. Well, come Saturday, April 26th, you can see Richard, along with another fine horn player, trumpeter Rick Braun at the Ohio Theatre in Playhouse Square for an evening of smooth jazz, and i mean Smooth.

   You can get your tickets online here, or at Playhouse Square box office. Want to hear some really good music, then spend a night on the town on April 26th for a wonderful evening of smooth jazz. Hope to see you there.