July 2008

...weve renovated...

...we've renovated...

we’ve also relocated to

Muley’s Cafe 2.0


Dear readers;

     You have probably been wondering…..What happened to Muley’s Cafe?. Well, it’s still here, but I’ve been very busy lately with some issues of late and just haven’t the time to post anything new.

I started this blog to stay away from all things political, but have come to the conclusion that having an entertainment blog does not generate the conversation that usually accompanies those other blogs and forums. As Mr. Jeff Hess at Have Coffee Will Write says so frequently, “it’s all about the conversation”. I love the conversation, getting peoples ideas, thoughts and such.

So, here we are today trying to figure out, “what is Muley up to?”   Well, I’ll tell ya’s, I’m going to do some changes here at Muley’s Cafe. Not exactly sure, but just the same, changes are on the way. It may take a couple of weeks to do this, for I am a very busy man of late, but changes are coming.

In the mean time, for your listening pleasure, I give you:

King Crimson